Underspending on education is part of Illinois’ fiscal crisis — in six charts

1. Everyone knows that it pays to get an education.

2. And that’s as true for states as it is for individuals.

3. Unfortunately, Illinois has been underfunding education for years.

4. And the shortfall is especially serious for disadvantaged students most at risk of not graduating.

5. That means fully funding public education wouldn’t just give millions of Illinoisans their own path to the middle class­ — it would also be a huge boost to the Illinois state economy.

6. And a big boost to the Illinois economy means more revenue that can close the budget gap and pay for services we all need.

7. By investing in public education to bring our high school graduation rate up from 82 to 90 percent, and our college graduation rate up to 38.2 percent — the same as Massachusetts’ — Illinois would see nearly $1.2 billion in new state revenue.

Read more in our report, “The Value Propositions Associated With Funding Research-Based K-12 Education Practices.”

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